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Training Scotland’s Dinner Ladies

The Second World War saw a dramatic increase in communal dining, largely in response to food and fuel shortages. Cooking in bulk was cheaper and more efficient than cooking for individual households, while the 1944 Education Act meant that local authoriti…

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Learn All About it: The Filmstrip and the Newspaper

While researching in the national archives in Ghana (PRAAD) in 2017, I came across a letter, catalogue and leaflets addressed to the country’s Director of Education from the Daily Mail School-Aid Department. The letter, written in August 1952, promoted th…

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Where have all the filmstrips gone?

Given the huge number of filmstrips produced and circulating in the middle of the twentieth century, it may be surprising how few survive within British libraries and archives.

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Projectionist in action

This instructional video from 1962 gives us an insight into projecting filmstrips.

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