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Imperial War Museum

The IWM holds an assortment of filmstrips, booklets and catalogues. This includes Ministry of Information filmstrips from the Second World War (9505-09), and multiple series used for UK military training, including from 1944-47 (8404-20), 1944-60 (8607-17) and the 1960/70s (9610-09). There are RAF instructional filmstrips and their booklets (8903-27, 2005-06-19), and Post War Royal Navy training filmstrips (2006-01-32). There are filmstrips produced for Defence Intelligence Security School (2007-08-01) and the Civil Defence Training series (9902-05).

The IWM also contains filmstrips from America – including a collection of 46 filmstrips from the US Office of War Information (8704-26) – and Germany. These include series produced by the German Reich’s Propaganda Ministry (PC151) and for the SS and Hitler Jugend (9211-20, 2007-10-03). You can also find films showcasing the benefits of using filmstrips, such as The Use of Instructional Film and Filmstrips (1944, ADM 5046).

The IWM would later adapt versions of its filmstrip collections and send them to schools to use in classroom teaching.